3DFX in collaboration with Rocketpack can provide you with a High-impact Website that will capture and maintain the attention of users and maximise your potential to communicate your vision and sell your ideas.

Rocketpack is primarily devoted to developing Internet and database software applications that are customised to the user and not the other way around.

We learn about you, your staff, your business and your customers before suggesting how the technology might help you. If the tool is not right for your business, we won't recommend it.

The Internet is one technology tool that holds great potential for almost any business or product. Static web pages are good, but we know that there is so much more potential. Using dynamic web pages and secure database access, your business can unlock that potential.

A highly streamlined workflow process allows us to provide you with low turnaround time while maintaining our trademark quality standards. We are able to listen to your needs as well know how and when to step in to guide you in the best direction possible to meet your particular goals.

Our website designs are as unique as the clients we serve. They can be of any level, big or small.

What Solutions can we provide?

  • E-Business - Web Enabled Business Software including Intranets and Portals including E-Commerce
  • Database Consolidation - Legacy system integration. Getting all your data in a central place
  • Automation - Replace time consuming administration style tasks with automated, software-driven processes.
  • Security - We can make sure that only the right people get the right information at the right time.
  • E-Learning - Staff can train at their own pace at a location of their choosing.
  • Internet Software development
    - Active Server Pages (including .Net)
    - Visual Basic (including .Net)
    - HTML
    - JavaScript
    - MS SQL Server
    - MS Access
    - MySQL
    - ColdFusion
    - PHP
    - Both Windows and Linux
  • Legacy systems upgraded or web-enabled
  • Intranets
  • Internet Technologies Consultation and Implementation
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Data retrieval and reporting
  • Online shops and portals
  • Web enabled business applications
  • Static web site development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Flash Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Hosting & Domain Name Registration

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